Registration Process



Nursery Age Criteria : 3 +
PP – 1 Age Criteria : 4 and above
PP – 2 Age Criteria : 5 and above
Grade 1 Age Criteria : 6 and above
Grade 2 Age Criteria : 7 and above
Grade 3 Age Criteria : 8 and above
Grade 4 Age Criteria : 9 and above
Grade 5 Age Criteria : 10 and above
Grade 6 Age Criteria : 11 and above
Grade 7 Age Criteria : 12 and above
Grade 8 Age Criteria : 13 and above
Grade 9 Age Criteria : 14 and above
Grade 10 Age Criteria : 15 and above

Procedure and Instructions

  Child should attend the admission test.

  Admission should be confirmed within a week of admission test.

  Availability of seats class wise is subject to number of vacancies.

  No recommendations are entertained.

  Application forms are to be filled in and submitted to the Administrative Office.

  Admission to Nursery & Preparatory will be through Observation / Interaction.

  Observation / Interaction would be held on the same day and both the parents should be present.

  Date & Timings for Observation / Interaction will be intimated at the time of submission of registration form.

Required Documents for admission

  Student AADHAAR Card.

  Date of Birth Certificate (Issued by Municipal Corporation or any authorized competent authority).

  Previous school progress report

  TC and Bonafide