• A Classroom is a mistake making, laughter sharing, independence building, brain stretching sort of place. Everyone Matters!

  • The classrooms are well ventilated and spacious with a capacity to house 40 students each.


  • Information technology has become the buzzword of recent times .the impact of computer technology is felt in almost every fact of life .SRI VIDYA has entered into the global village to promote and provide quality computer education to students.

  • Our computer lab is equipped with 40 systems with internal access and is constantly upgraded with the latest software and hardware educational material, the lab is under supervision of trained faculty.


  • Teaching through the latest pedagogy is the on-going motto of the school .all the teachers are trained to teach through smart class, to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing. Digital class is an innovative comprehensive solution designed to the specific curriculum guidelines for use in classroom.


  • We encourage in the students, a love for reading. we believe a book is a readers passport to any place around the world. our library media centre is stocked with all important books, encyclopedias and journals. it serves the needs of the students and staff. it has multiple volumes of all the important books, text books, journals, magazines, books on moral education including 6 daily news papers, every year the library is stocked with latest books.


  • Well equipped laboratories with ample light and ventilation suffice the needs of all practical studies in Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Math’s etc.


  • Its impact on children's learning and development. Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being of children.... Therefore, school playgroundand school playtime are vitally important to children for their fun and relaxation as well as for their good health and well-being

  • Large play ground where students play various games like Kho- Kho, Kabbadi, Volleyball, Cricket etc.


CCTV: CC cameras are installed for security and safety reasons. The school is gated with compound walls

Fire Extinguishers: Fire protection plays an important part to keep students, teachers, and other staff fully safe.

Pure Drinking Water: The School’s drinking water source is equipped with a water purifier to provide the students with pure clean drinking water


  • The school has its own transport system plying in various routes to cater to the needs of the students.


  • Physical activity through sports is a key part of student life .through these physical activities SRI VIDYA provides a great mental relief to the students from stress and also suffers them a change from the monotony of daily life .we make sure our students gets the right environment and opportunity to explore their interests and develop inherent talents.


  • Education in the arts is an integral part of the development of each human being. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than maths or science can. Education and engagement in the fine arts are an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program of every student in Sri Vidya Secondary School. The students at our school learn Dance and Music, Art & craft, Yoga.


  • Yoga helps children see the beauty and light within themselves, thereby boosting their self confidence, allowing them to feel more comfortable with their bodies and helping them to get in touch with who they are inside.


  • Dancing is an artistic form of self expression and provides a great source of overall physical health .children can increase their flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. Further dance lessons can help children improve their creative, social and communication skills, inculcate team spirit and develop an appreciation for the arts.

  • Keeping this in view Sri Vidya offers both classical and modern forms of dances as part of co-curricular activities and encourages students to participate in various dance competitions.


  • Full time physician, staff nurses and nursing attendant are on call 24 x7 to ensure that all emergencies are treated with utmost care and attention. In case of special cases the students are immediately referred to a leading hospital near the campus

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