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Srividya secondary school, sponsored by the Ekalavya Vidya Samiti, was established in 1975 with the primary objective of imparting quality education in a creative and modern way in an informal and homely atmosphere. The vision of the school is to inspire and empower the children to bring out their innate potentialities to fit well in this world of competition.

The school has acquired the distinction of achieving 100% results through the efforts of its dedicated staff who have been laying firm foundation in the pupils so as to enable them to take prestigious engineering I medical and other professional courses. The school has occupied a significant position as one of the best institutions in the state.

The distinguished members of the Ekalavya Vidya Samiti have a flair for academic pursuits. Under the able guidance and supervision of talented members of staff and the support of the Management Members, the school has been striving hard to make education a worthy and enjoyable experience for the child.

The school situated in Tilak Nagar, New Nallakunta Hyderabad is the cynosure of the twin cities as it offers a good play ground, a well stocked library a science laboratory, a maths lab ,a computer lab and smart classes for e-Iearning.

The school offers co-curricular activities to develop the students literary, creative and scientific skills which includes activities like debate, creative writing, display of projects. Recently we have formed six clubs: namely Literary, Eco-club, Cultural, Maths, Science and Language club giving a wide scope for the children to participate in different activities.

The children are trained in games like kho-kho, chess, volleyball, cricket, indoor games and also various drills. Apart from these games children participate in various activities of art and craft, Dance and music is also being taught along with yoga and special emphasis is given to meditation.